The Loc Specialist

Everything Starts With Self

I’m a true introvert at heart so when I made the decision to pursue my passion, I had to force myself into an uncomfortable space in order to connect with my clients. I attract some AWESOME Queens, and I enjoy getting to know them, laugh with them and, sometimes, even cry with them. I love being in an intimate space with beautiful souls on a journey to pure slayage; one I would have never experienced had I not stepped out of my comfort zone!
I would be lying if I told you I turned into this wonderful extrovert as soon as I made the choice to go all in. I STILL struggle, so I constantly encourage myself by remembering how truly grateful I am for whomever is sitting in my chair and how important it is for me to express my gratitude. I do my best to balance time between introvert Keisha and extrovert K’Finity.